Prayer Updates from Germany


Please continue to pray for the Lord’s move in Germany in the cities of Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart. The seventh gospel follow up visitation is now in its second week. Pray for the in gathering of all the fruit born by these times of labor in the harvest.

We have received the following requests.

From Frankfurt:

  1. The church in Frankfurt will have the access to a new meeting hall in September. In addition to meeting rooms, the meeting hall also has 4 units of small apartments that can be used for corporate living. We praise and thank the Lord for His bountiful supply from the Body.  We will no long need to reserve and change meeting places frequently in the hostels for various meetings throughout the week.  Please pray the new meeting hall will release more blessing and building for the church, the church responsible brothers will receive divine leading from the Lord as how to use the apartment units properly for His purpose, and the facility will be utilized profitably to continue the work of gospel and perfecting of the saints.
  1. Three new sisters from Iran are currently suffering from severe medical ailment/illness. One has just gone through the surgery last week, one will be undergoing surgery on Sep. 9, and one has been hospitalized for more examination. Please pray for the Lord’s supply to our sisters and His strengthening them in their spirit, soul and body. May the Lord gain more ground in these sisters and also in their husbands.
  1. Two new young believers (brothers) from Afghanistan were baptized last week. Please pray for their continuous growth in life and enjoyment and experience of the Lord in the normal church life.
  1. Our new ones from the Middle East are beginning to receive appointments with the German Government to address their request for asylum. Please pray that our new ones will receive the favor during their interviews with government officers so that they would be able to remain in Frankfurt for their growth in life and advancement in the church life.
  1. Update of our first church blending weekend this coming week. We have now ~ 65 saints registered to go, with ~ 15 of them are new believers baptized in the last 6 months. Please pray that this time will be filled with family atmosphere to testify that we are all children of God, all the activities, blending, and fellowship will increase the mutuality among the members and issue more building up of the church, and the Lord will release the clear vision of His leading of the church through the speaking to us.

From Berlin:

  1. Please pray for our serving in one accord and the harmonious blending and co-laboring with the local saints
  2. Please pray that we could labor with much struggle and endeavor with patience and endurance with abounding and multiplying grace for the following two items:
    1. a) that we would have home meetings with all the saints who have been baptized by us, to fulfill the purpose of feeding and nourishing the new ones as much as we can in a practical, living, rich, refreshing, and stirring up way to accomplish the second step of the God-ordained way in building up the believers. (Just a little additional exercise last week to visit some new ones that we had not seen for a couple of weeks issued in their coming to the Thursday and Lord’s Day new believers’ meetings.)
    2. b) that the new believers could be prepared to attend the group meetings with the saints in which they can practice the common fellowship, the common intercession, the common care for each other, the common shepherding in mutuality, and the common asking of questions and the common answering of questions in mutuality to perfect the believers by the common answers of questions in mutuality. This is the accomplishment of the third step of the new way to equip all the members of the church that they may be able to prophesy in the bigger meetings of the church for the building up of the Body of Christ through the building up of local church.
  1. Please continue to pray that the Lord of the harvest would thrust out workers to shepherd the new ones, particularly some mature in life and experienced in the church life and in the service on the campus. Please also pray that the participation of the saints that will come for one to three months in the Fall may afford the Lord a way to gain new territory for Him in Berlin and the surrounding area.
  1. Please pray that the new believers who are under our care may be established through the Thursday night and Lord’s Day meetings using the Healthy Walk with God Lessons and through the daily reading of the Bible and appointments.
  1. Many of the believers who are refugees are expecting soon to have an interview with the immigration authority that will determine if they are allowed to stay in Germany or will be sent back to their country. Many of them are stressed and anxious about this. Please pray that the Lord will be their peace inwardly and will rule sovereignly in each case for His will to be done.
  1. Please continue to pray that housing would be obtained to meet the need of the brothers who are refugees that are allowed by the government to get their own apartment and also for the saints that are moving to Berlin for the Lord’s interest.
  1. Please pray that the Lord would provide a meeting place adequate to meet His needs for the church and the work of the gospel
  1. Please pray that the enemy’s activity through terrorist activity would be bound that our endeavoring to gain new ones would not be hindered.

A report from Frankfurt:

There has been a lot of positive development in the church of Frankfurt this year.  We’d like to share with you a brief report for you to continue the prayer for us and learn the up-to-date situation of our church.

Before all the gospel activities started late last year, Frankfurt had 4 families plus other single brothers and sisters.  Lord’s Day meeting was held in various homes and the typical attendance was 10-15 adults.  Nowadays, we have 10 families and typical Lord’s Day attendance excluding visiting saints is 35-45 (not counting the children).  We are in the process of collecting all the saints’ information to make a phone directory.  There are roughly over 60 saints actively participating various church meetings in the list.  Among them 13 are small children (< 12 yr.), 2 YPs, and ~ 10 single saints.

Last month alone, 3 families moved in to Frankfurt to make up the total of 10 families here.  One family is from a German speaking full timer with his wife and two children, one is a mature couple from California, and another one is a young couple from Russia.  One of the 10 families is our Farsi translator who was gained recently through her faithful service with us in the last 6 months during several gospel trips.  Praise the Lord for His operating Words. She and her family now are entering the normal church life with us.

So far we have ~ 50 new ones from Middle East who were baptized, with the majority are Farsi speaking.  We are laboring faithfully to enlarge our capacity to shepherding these new ones with new believers meetings, home meetings, and other personal contacts.  Four brothers were moved into a brothers house in a corporate living recently.  Please pray that many new ones will receive adequate shepherding and perfecting to become useful material for God’s building.  We also have several hundred on our master list seeking for further contact through the Bible Table distribution.  These represent a field of labor unto itself.  Among these, there are a handful of local Germans that we try to take care of.

Yours in the Lord’s recovery


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