2016 Bible Camp Team Leader Evaluation

Bible Camp(BC) Team Leader(TL) Evaluation Form

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our Bible Camp(BC) serving one evaluation form. We hope that you will take the time to answer honestly and completely to help us assess the strengths and weaknesses of this camp. Thank you for your willingness to serve this summer and for taking the time to help us make BC the best experience possible for the children we are serving.

1. What is your name (you may fill this survey out anonymously, but we would appreciate the chance to follow up with you on your comments)?:

2. Questions related to Administrative Issues

a. What could have been better organized?
b. Do you feel like you received adequate training prior to BC?
c. Are there any portions / stations / aspects of BC which could be run better?
d. Is there anything you would do to make the whole process or your area of service more efficient?
e. Were you given adequate resources/help/guidance to fulfill your role at BC?

3. Your Impression of BC

a. What part(s) of BC went well?
b. What could have been better?
c. Was BC well planned?
d. What was your favorite part of BC?
e. What was your least favorite part of BC?
f. Did you find your role in BC to be fulfilling?
g. Did you have fun?
h. Please share one personal testimony from this week.
i. If you have served BC before, how did this year’s BC compare to prior years? Please give details.
j. What is one thing that you would take home from this BC?

4. How did Kids respond to BC

a. For the kids you led, what was their favorite part of BC?
b. For the kids you led, what was their least favorite part of BC?
c. Did the kids you led have fun?
d. Did you see God working in the lives of any kids this week? If so, how?

5. Looking Forward to Next Year

a. What would you change for next year?
b. What could be done to make BC more fun/better next year?
c. What could be done to make BC more effective in terms of outreach?
d. What could be done to make your role in BC easier next year?
e. Based on your experience, would you serve again next year?
What month do you start planning your child's summer activities?
Where would you prefer to have the Bible Camp next year? Camp Pollock or Sacramento meeting hall? And why?

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