2016 Bible Camp Parent/Child Evaluation

Bible Camp(BC) Parent/Child Evaluation Form

We encourage you to talk with your children and find out about their time here. After you find out what they liked or didn’t like, please fill out the evaluation below. It is with your suggestions and comments that we will look for areas to improve and further enhance your children’s time at camp. Thank you for your time and we look forward to serving your family in the future!

Parent(s) Name(s):
Name of Camper:
Was this your child’s first time to register at the camp? If yes, how or through whom did you hear about the Summer Bible Camp?:
How was your registration experience?
What month do you start planning your child's summer activities?
Where would you prefer to have the Bible Camp next year? Camp Pollock or Sacramento meeting hall? And why?
Overall, what can we add or enhance to improve in the future?
What was your child’s favorite part about the camp?
What was your child’s least favorite part about the camp?
Were there concerns or problems they may have had during the camp?


1. What skill class were you in?
2. Did you enjoy your skill class?
3. Did your skill class not meet your expectation (NE), meet your expectation (ME) or exceed your expectation (EE)?
4. Any comment on your skill class?
5. Will you recommend this skill class to your friend? Yes, No or Maybe.
6. What skill class would you like to see being added?


1. Did you enjoy the singing and the hand motions?
2. What can we improve on?
3. Any comment on singing?


1. Did you enjoy the stories?
2. What can we improve on stories?
3. Any comment on stories?


1. Please rank the outdoor activities: field day (FD), swimming (SW), water slide/baloon (WSB) from 1 to 3 where 1 being the favorite and 3 being the least favorite? ex. 1. SW 2. FD 3. WSB
2. Any comment on any of the above activities?
3. What outdoor activity would you like to see being added?
Do you see any evidence of growth in your child as a result of their experience at the camp?
Would you encourage your child to attend next year?
If there is a weekly neighborhood children meeting in your area, would you like your child to attend?
Overall, how would you rank your child’s experience during this Bible Camp? (10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest)
Additional comments:
Would you like to volunteer to serve in the Bible Camp next year if you have not done so before? If yes, in what area of service can you serve and for how many days? a. Arts and Craft b. Instruments c. Group games d. Photography and Video e. Food f. Skill Class g. Transportation

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