Report #3 from Berlin 10/14/2016

October 14, 2016

Dear saints,
This week, three serving brothers from South Korea came and visited us in Berlin on their way to the European brothers’ training and conference in Baarlo, Netherlands. It was good to hear their fellowship how they are burdened that the saints in Korea would be more burdened to pray for the Lord’s present move in Europe. One brother shared that there is much work going on in South Korea where there are 150 local churches and 15,000 saints and they are endeavoring to practice the God-ordained way. However, they were enlightened to see that they should not just care for their own place, but must be burdened to be one with the Lord’s move in Europe. They consider what is going on here in Germany is the front-lines of the battle and that they in Korea are playing a supporting role in the back. However, those in the back need to be just as burdened as those on the front. He quoted a portion from the Life-study of Romans message #30:

“. . . Paul indicates that we need to risk our necks for the church. Speaking of Prisca and Aquila, Paul says in 16:4 that they “risked their own necks for my life, to whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the nations.” We need to risk our lives for the church life. Prisca and Aquila did not count their own lives as dear to them; they were willing to care for the churches at the cost of their own lives. Therefore, all the churches of the nations, of the Gentile world, were grateful to them. Do not think that Paul spoke about Prisca and Aquila in a light way. He wrote with a definite purpose, indicating that if we truly love the Lord’s church, we need to risk our lives for it. We must be willing to pay this cost not only for one church, but also for the churches. Some dear saints only care for the church in their locality. This is absolutely wrong. Prisca and Aquila were for all the churches. Although it is right to be located by the Lord in a specific place, our heart should be wide and broad enough to embrace all the churches.”

It is so encouraging to know that the churches throughout the recovery are praying for the work here. The serving ones here in Germany really feel that the work here is really borne by the prayers of all the saints
throughout the recovery.

Tonight (Friday, 10/14) we invited two brothers over for dinner and fellowship. One is from Syria and the other is from Afghanistan. Both have been coming to the meetings quite regularly. The one from Afghanistan was in the prayer meeting Tuesday night and was touched from the pray-reading of Acts 2:46-47 that the church life is day by day and house to house. However, due to various situations, both could not come tonight.

Most of the new ones are still in the camps and are having difficulties securing their own apartments. Although the government has given them permission and some financial support to rent apartments, the landlords are not willing to rent to them. Also, they are under much anxiety because of they must go through an interview process for asylum. If their appeal for asylum is rejected, they will have to be sent back and that is a big problem, especially for those from Iran.

Please continue to pray for these matters so that these new ones can be settled and built into the church life here.


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