2017 6th Grade Conference (April 28-30)

Dear Saints,

The Northern California 6th  Grade Conference will be held at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds, April 28 – 30, 2017. The burden for this time is to bring the sixth graders to receive the Lord in a definite and solid way and to prepare them for a meaningful baptism. For the ones who may already be saved, the time will strengthen their faith and lay a foundation of  assurance, security, and joy of salvation.
Please take note of the following items:

  1. The conference is for sixth graders or seventh graders that did not have the opportunity to go while in sixth grade. We realize that a number of the younger ones have already been saved, and some have even been baptized by the time they are in fifth grade. However, we feel due to the nature, length and subject of the conference, and the fact that we are also focusing on preparing them for junior high and high school, we are asking the serving ones to only sign up sixth or seventh graders for the conference .
  2. One serving one is needed for every three children. If you only haveone child coming, it is best if you still send a serving one with him, instead of “lumping” him together with another locality. This would make a deep impression on the young person that you care for them while allowing the serving ones to spend some quality time with him.
  3. We hope that at least one of the serving ones would be someone who serves regularly with the Young People’s service in your locality. This will be a help in transitioning the children from Children’s Meeting to the Young People’s work. Serving ones and parents can register online for the conference at  https://goo.gl/5z49g7 .
  4.  Serving ones and parents who are attending are required to complete a background check if they have not already done so. Additionally, there is a Chaperone Disclosure form that needs to be completed and turned in upon arrival at the camp. Please have a designated serving one for your locality collect all the forms and turn it into the ones serving registration.
  5.  Registration is due by APRIL 16th. The registration for the parents can be completed online at https://bayareayp.seamlessdocs.com/f/NorCal_6th_Grade In the weeks prior to the conference, we will provide a separate online registration form for all the localities to complete.
  6. The cost for the weekend, including food, is $125 per adult (age 13 or older) and $92 per child (under age 13). The payment for each locality should be written to the Church in Cupertino. Each locality should either bring one check with them for their locality or mail a check beforehand to: The Church in Cupertino, PO Box 2908, Cupertino, CA 95014.
  7.  A conference information form and conference regulations are attached. A copy of
    these should be given to the parents.

If you have any questions, please contact the serving ones at bayarea.yp@gmail.com .
For His move,

The coordinating brothers

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