August 4th Cluster

Dear saints,

Here are all the service assignments for this upcoming Cluster feast.

Sacramento Group #1-Meat/ Stew/ Noodles ~ 10 servings per household Sacramento Group #2 -Meat/ Stew/ Noodles ~ 10 servings per household 

*Sacramento Group #3 –Cookies/Desert/Fruit~ 20 servings per household Setup/Serve/Clean up 

Sacramento Group #4 -Salad/ Vegetables ~ 20 servings per householdElk Grove/Stockton -Meat/ Stew/ Noodles ~ 10 servings per household   

Roseville –Cookies/Desert/Fruit~ 20 servings per household  Setup/Serve/Clean up 

Auburn – Rolls

Davis -Salad/ Vegetables ~ 20 servings per household –

– If you bring a container of food please write your name on tape so that it may be returned back to you.

– If you are helping with setup please come at 9:30 AM to greet the saints, setup tables and receive food.

– Prepare salads and cut up fruit ready to serve.

– All food should be ready to serve upon arrival at the meeting hall. 

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