Alpha House Clearing Project

Praise the Lord for this opportunity to serve in the Body! There is an on-going effort at Alpha House to clear the land of undergrowth and low limbs in order to reduce the fire risk of the forested area. Jonathan Grogan, Sam Kong, and Dan Kong have been involved with this project from the beginning and will be organize and direct the saints concerning the work.

A typical schedule might be:

  • 9:30am — Arrive
  • 10am-12:00 — Work
  • 12pm – 1pm — Lunch
  • Afternoon — continue to work and/or take a hike or other recreation

Each group can decide their schedule and their lunch arrangements. It can be every saint or family brings their own lunch or they can have a potluck.

The main thing is not the activity, but the blending: through the cross and by the Spirit to minister Christ to one another.

Proposed Schedule:

4/24/2021 BG2 Elk Grove
5/1/2021 BG3 Davis
5/8/2021 BG1 Elk Grove
5/15/2021 BG2 Davis
5/22/2021 BG3 Roseville

Blending Group 1

Carmichael Sam Kong 916-765-2068
Natomas Chris Chang 916-469-5596

Blending Group 2

Fair Oaks Mike Baginski 916-204-5090
Central Timothy Kong 916-335-3792
Chinese North 1 Fountain Lee 916-708-0918
Chinese North 2 Way Lee 916-213-9887

Blending Group 3

Folsom Filip Popovici 916-698-444
Spanish Martin Ochoa 831-214-5130
Chinese Central Joseph Wang 916-484-3046

Contacts for the churches


  • Dave Wilson: 916-799-7365
  • Vincent Lin

Elk Grove

  • Robert Liu: 916-477-9514
  • Silas Ting: 916-990-5335


  • Steve Anderson: 916-276-3965
  • Tony Brodnik: 916-805-9215

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