Baptisms April 2021

Hallelujah saints!

Our old man has been crucified with Him! Christ in us we’ll testify! This past Lord’s Day, April 11th, we witnessed six baptisms! Originally two of our freshmen students, Kaira and Richard have been touched in this matter of baptism since last semester. It was only recently that the Lord gained more opening in them. Then we heard that another student of ours, Alex, has been shined on in the word that he should not wait, but be baptized (Acts 22:16). As we prepared for that day, we received a message from Alex asking if his dad, Jon, could also get baptized. As these ones shared their testimonies, it brought one of our students to tears, causing her to stand from her chair and walk towards them to share with everyone why she would also want to get baptized. Lastly, Richard’s high school friend, Timmy, boldly stated that he too would want to participate in the burying of the old man to begin a fresh start with the Lord. Below we have a short video of the baptism meeting.


A full video recording of the baptisms can be found here:

What’s next?

Please pray that these ones would be eager to enjoy the gatherings in the homes and continue in their Christian life in a normal God-ordained way.

Kaira Bernaldez (Freshman)
Julia Lund (Junior)
Richard Thorpe (Freshman)
Timmy Allen (Freshman)
Alex Belleza (Sophomore)
Jon Belleza (Alex’s dad)

End of the semester Celebration Meeting:

Please pray that we would have the Lord’s leading as to how we should plan for the end of the semester celebration meeting. May all our students share their portion of Christ!
“What then, brothers? Whenever you come together, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up.” 1 Corinthians 14:25

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