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Fellowship to Working Saints (Mar 25)

Dear saints,

The video file for Brother Minoru’s fellowship to the working saints on March 25 is now available at the NorCal Working Saints website:

We highly encourage all the saints to watch the video of this critical fellowship.

In this fellowship, Brother Minoru shared on:

  • Burden for Training—The burden for the upcoming Northern California Training on the Lessons on the Proper Church Life, which will be conducted as a church family training in all the churches on Lord’s Day morning, beginning in May
  • Urgent Need to Pray—The urgent need for all of us—especially the sisters—to pray for this upcoming training and for the Lord’s move in the next phase in this region
  • Need for Spiritual Children and Continued Going Out for the Gospel—Our need to have spiritual children to be normal in our Christian life and church life and the burden for our continued going out for the gospel

We would like to join our brother to sound the call to all the saints to dedicate the month of April 2018 to an intensified time of prayer both individually and in small groups for the burden of the Lord’s move and for the upcoming training as the main thrust of His move in the next phase.

Our brother stressed that whenever the Lord desires to move, the enemy is poised to frustrate. Hence, we need to be vigilant in the coming days to pray for the Lord’s will to be carried out without frustrations.

May the Lord bless our receiving the word of this fellowship and the Lord’s burden to pray in these days.

The coordinating brothers


News from Poland!

Dear Ones!

As many of you know, we now have the Recovery Version with Footnotes in Polish! Yay! So I just want to send y’all a little update on what’s been happening 🙂 please keep praying for us!! (The following is an overall report our team wrote:)

Thank you for your prayers for our first distribution of the Polish NT Recovery Version.

Last Thursday, we had 10 saints distributing Bibles throughout the day from 9am to 2pm at the Pedagogical University of Kraków (small university with 15,000 students) during their open day for prospective students. It was cold outside, but thankfully no rain. We had a table on the public sidewalk near the entrance to the university and we gave out 175 Polish NT and 5 English NT. We had a good response from community people as well as university and high school students. Even a taxi driver honked at us to bring him a Bible before the light changed. Word spread fast that we were giving out Bibles. We brought with us more than enough Polish Bibles based on previous distributions of English ones in the city, but we ran out twice and had to pack the Bibles at the table. During the day four people prayed and we have 8 personal contacts. One sister already had an appointment the next day with one of the students.

We are planning to go to three other universities this week (and one in April) during their open days to distribute more Bibles. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for these Bible recipients, for the follow-up care, and for the next distributions.

Hallelujah and we are so thankful to the Lord for all that He has done. May the Lord continue to spread His Word to His hungry seekers in Poland! And may we cooperate with the Lord to take care of these ones so that they may become building material for His church!

PICTURES: Packing some of the first Polish RcV about to be distributed! (Saints have gathered at our house 3 times this past week to pack Bibles)


Audrey and Piotr

P.S. PLEASE COME and join us! Our home is TOTALLY OPEN for hospitality!!! Come, come, come!

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Weekly Radio broadcast – Lord’s Day Evening 8:30 PM

At 8:30 pm every Lord’s Day evening, KFAX 1100 AM , will be broadcasting the “Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee” throughout all of the San Francisco Bay Area and much of Northern California.

This will be followed each and every week of the new year from 9:00-10:00 pm by a live listener Call-in, “Life-Study Of The Bible Discussion.”

All the saints are encouraged to listen in and to call in with their questions and appreciation of the ministry of Brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

For those of us in North Central Valley, our area is currently outside the range of this AM station.  However,  you can use the link below to listen to the LSM radio broadcast at 8:30 PM on the Lord’s Day.

NOTE: Do NOT click on the green button labeled  “Listen Now”.  This is a AD that contains malware.