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COVID-19 Church Meeting Update

Dear saints meeting in the church in Sacramento

This week, in response to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) published guidelines concerning group gatherings. In accord with these guidelines, the church in Sacramento will make the following temporary modifications to our meeting schedule for the balance of the month of March starting immediately:

(1) There will be no corporate Lord’s Day meetings, including children’s meetings, on 3/15, 3/22, and 3/29 in the meeting hall. The Lord’s Day meetings will be held in small groups; each small group can decide whether to hold its meeting by videoconference, phone or in person.
(2) Prayer meetings on 3/17, 3/24, and 3/31 will be held as usual in the groups. Again, each group can decide how it will conduct its meeting.
(3) All the small group meetings can decide for themselves how they want to continue to meet.

The CDPH guidelines can be found at document library/Gathering_Guidance_03.11.20.pdf.

We anticipate that more guidance will come out from the prayer and fellowship of the leading brothers in the church. We will do our best to keep the saints informed. Please check for updates on the church’s website –

Standing firmly in the Lord,
The responsible brothers in the church in Sacramento

Sisters’ Conference 2019

Sign up here:

Dear saints,

We would like to encourage all the sisters in Northern California to participate in a sisters’ conference with Brother Minoru at the following date, time, and location:
Date: Saturday, August 17
Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
Location: Meeting Hall of the Church in Berkeley, 2430 Dana Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Lunch will be provided at the end of the conference at around 1 PM. Note that there are no facilities available for onsite childcare. Childcare must be arranged personally or in your home locality.

The sisters who plan to attend should register for the conference using the Google Form below. We ask the sisters to submit their registration by Lord’s Day, August 11.

May the Lord release a timely word through our brother to all the sisters in Northern California for His present and up-to-date move.

The brothers in coordination

Labor Day Conference 2019 – Hotel Signup Link

Here is the hotel link, don’t wait:

  • Dates: August 30 – September 1 (from Friday 7:30 pm to Lord’s Day 12:00 pm).
  • Location/Hotel: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport at 1333 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010.
  • Room rate: $114.00 per night. There can be up to 4 persons per room depending on the room type.
  • Parking: $5.00/day with in/out privileges.
  • You can make your hotel reservations at the following website or 800 number (we prefer that you use the website):
    • Link to the hotel website: Nor-Cal Churches Blending Conference
    • Call Central Reservations at 1-800-233-1234 and state the hotel as the “Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport” in Burlingame and refer to the “2019 Northern California Churches Blending Conference” room block. Confirm the $114 per night room rate. Be sure to request your confirmation number.
  • The hotel reservations deadline is Lord’s Day, August 8. We strongly encourage that the saints make their reservations as soon as possible.
  • Material: Five messages were selected (#2-5, #12) from the rich speaking of the Crystallization-Study of Numbers, which will be prepared by 5 geographical regions in NorCal. San Jose is assigned to GROUP 5 (San Jose, Cupertino, Fresno, Pleasanton) to share on Lord’s day morning. Please get into message #12 ahead of time so you can prepare a 1 min. sharing to speak.

2019 Bible Camp Registration

Praise the Lord for the 2019 Bible Camp. The theme this year is “Faithful for God’s Kingdom” from the books of Kings and Chronicles. It will be held at the Church in Sacramento Meeting Hall (2041 Wyda Way, Sacramento, CA 95825) from Monday, June 17 through Saturday, June 22, 2019.  The camper’s registration is for children who will enter 1st grade through 6th grade in the fall, 2019.

The early bird registration is on or before April 14, 2019 with discount.

The registration cut-off date is midnight April 28, 2019 .

For registration in all categories, please go to

For any camp inquiry, please contact ANDREW KEYS (916) 992-4792

“…I have found David… a man according to My heart, who will do all My will.” Acts 13:22

Last Year’s Bible Camp Video on YouTube: Children’s Bible Camp 2018


Wanchi on behalf of the BC serving ones

College Breakfast Fundraiser – Saturday, February 23rd

Dear saints,

The Sacramento State students in the Christian Students club would like to invite all the saints to a Breakfast Fundraiser on Saturday, February 23rd at 9am. The goal of this event is to raise funds for the college conference, national summer college training, and other events.

The college conference (March 1-3) is $125 and the national college training in Champaign Urbana will cost upwards of $900. Historically, these conferences and trainings are pivotal times in which many students touch their spirits for the first time, see a vision of God’s economy, and consecrate themselves to the Lord. Praise the Lord, that we can send the students by our prayer and especially by our practical giving.

Here’s a video of our previous breakfast fundraiser last year.
2018 Fundraiser

Hope to see you there!
Christian Students at Sacramento State

News from Poland!

Dear Ones!

As many of you know, we now have the Recovery Version with Footnotes in Polish! Yay! So I just want to send y’all a little update on what’s been happening 🙂 please keep praying for us!! (The following is an overall report our team wrote:)

Thank you for your prayers for our first distribution of the Polish NT Recovery Version.

Last Thursday, we had 10 saints distributing Bibles throughout the day from 9am to 2pm at the Pedagogical University of Kraków (small university with 15,000 students) during their open day for prospective students. It was cold outside, but thankfully no rain. We had a table on the public sidewalk near the entrance to the university and we gave out 175 Polish NT and 5 English NT. We had a good response from community people as well as university and high school students. Even a taxi driver honked at us to bring him a Bible before the light changed. Word spread fast that we were giving out Bibles. We brought with us more than enough Polish Bibles based on previous distributions of English ones in the city, but we ran out twice and had to pack the Bibles at the table. During the day four people prayed and we have 8 personal contacts. One sister already had an appointment the next day with one of the students.

We are planning to go to three other universities this week (and one in April) during their open days to distribute more Bibles. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for these Bible recipients, for the follow-up care, and for the next distributions.

Hallelujah and we are so thankful to the Lord for all that He has done. May the Lord continue to spread His Word to His hungry seekers in Poland! And may we cooperate with the Lord to take care of these ones so that they may become building material for His church!

PICTURES: Packing some of the first Polish RcV about to be distributed! (Saints have gathered at our house 3 times this past week to pack Bibles)


Audrey and Piotr

P.S. PLEASE COME and join us! Our home is TOTALLY OPEN for hospitality!!! Come, come, come!

image1 image2 image4 image5 image7

Weekly Radio broadcast – Lord’s Day Evening 8:30 PM

At 8:30 pm every Lord’s Day evening, KFAX 1100 AM , will be broadcasting the “Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee” throughout all of the San Francisco Bay Area and much of Northern California.

This will be followed each and every week of the new year from 9:00-10:00 pm by a live listener Call-in, “Life-Study Of The Bible Discussion.”

All the saints are encouraged to listen in and to call in with their questions and appreciation of the ministry of Brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

For those of us in North Central Valley, our area is currently outside the range of this AM station.  However,  you can use the link below to listen to the LSM radio broadcast at 8:30 PM on the Lord’s Day.

NOTE: Do NOT click on the green button labeled  “Listen Now”.  This is a AD that contains malware.


Prayer burden – North Bay fires

As we all know, the north Bay fires of the last few weeks was the largest wildfire in California’s history. Thousands of residents were evacuated from threatened neighborhoods  had to be evacuated, over 5,000 structures were damaged or destroyed and many had to flee from the fires that swept down on their neighborhoods, pushed along by winds of up to 70 miles per hour. . In Santa Rosa alone, whole neighborhoods were destroyed and thousands have been left homeless. Thankfully, all of our saints’ were kept from the fires and none of their homes were lost.

In response to these fires,  the church in Rohnert Park ordered a shipment of 500 New Tetaments from Bibles for America  and on Saturday morning, 25 saints from Rohnert Park and other nearby localities went out to sow the living seed of the New Testament Recovery Version in the community.

At a community, memorial gathering attended by approximately 7-800 victims of the fires, 350 received the Recovery aversion. Another 110 gladly received free Bibles at food distribution centers.

Please pray for the continuation of this effort to meet the spiritual need of thousands in the effected areas, that the Lord would continue to open the avenues for further distribution in the whole north Bay Area.

Given the need, we look to the Lord for further times of distribution. Please pray and stand with the saints as they go out.

Germany Report from Nat Kong (#5)

Dear saints,

In addition to shepherding the newly saved refugees, there has been a burden to work on the university campuses.  In fact, most of the ones who have participated in this shepherding trip have been working with the students in the church to contact students at three universities: Feie University, Humbolt University and the Technical University.  The universities started here about a month ago and in the past four weeks, we have had 12 NT RcV distributions and 152 Bibles were given out and about 55% of the ones who received Bibles want further contact. Some of these have been coming to the welcome dinners and student meetings on Friday nights. The saints are endeavoring to have appointments with these contacts and trying to connect them with local saints.

Two weekends ago, I visited Gerhard and Rebecca Haupler who live in a small town near Stuttgart.  I took an overnight bus from Berlin to Stuttgart and arrived in Stuttgart Friday morning and joined the coordination with the saints laboring in Stuttgart. There I met Jason and Becky Liou who had just arrived a couple of days before. Then in the afternoon I went to Gerhard and Rebecca’s place and I stayed with them for two nights. I was not sure what to expect concerning this visit since I had not seen them for about 30 years. Gerhard was in the FTTT for one term when I was there in 1986. I was pleasantly surprised that I could have good fellowship with them, particularly with brother Gerhard. They still harbor wounds from the past and sometimes voice negative feelings about LSM and the local church practice, probably because of the negative experiences with the dissenting brothers in Germany.

Currently, Rebecca goes to some charismatic church in the nearby town of Reutlingen. Rebecca took me there Friday night to see what they are doing to outreach to the refugees.  Gerhard doesn’t go there because he fell into disfavor with the pastor.  On Saturday, I went on a nice hike with Gerhard . . . first to a waterfall . . .


Then to a ruined castle….







I brought them a German NT RcV and a copy of the CRI magazine, We Were Wrong translated into German.

On Lord’s day, Gerhard and his son, Philip, went with me to the meeting of the church in Stuttgart.  It was a blending meeting with about 200 saints including saints from Frankfurt, Austria and Switzerland. After the Lord’s table, there was prophesying over the HWMR and then brother Chris Wilde shared at the end.  He shared that the Lord’s recovery today is to recover the oneness of the Body of Christ and this is what the enemy attacks. The enemy attacks the oneness from two directions. One direction is the outward persecution such as in China where thousands of saints were imprisoned and even killed. The other direction is to attack the New Testament ministry, the ministry of Spirit and life.

In Phil. 1:7 Paul says, “Even as it is right for me to think this concerning you all because you have me in your heart, since both in my bonds and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel you are all fellow partakers with me of grace.”  Chris shared that salvation is free, but to experience the grace that Paul did, we must pay the price to be one with the apostle in the defense and confirmation of the gospel. Twenty years ago, some brothers came together for the defense and confirmation project and there has been some positive results from that labor. Brother Lee made a statement once that the theology in the Lord’s recovery will one day defeat the shallow theology of Christianity. Chris shared that recently, in the largest conference of theologians, the brothers were asked to present the truth of deification according to Witness Lee: that God became man to make man God.

Chris shared from the book The Testimony and Ground of the Church that the most important item of the Reformation was not justification by faith, but was the recovery of the open Bible. While Luther was confined there in Wartburg castle, he translated the New Testament in 11 weeks and he standardized the German language. Next year will be the 500th year anniversary of Luther’s posting the 95 thesis and many believers from around the world will come to Germany. The brothers plan to have a big distribution of the RcV during that time coinciding with the ITERO which will be held in Leipzig, Germany.

Gerhard did see and talk to a couple of saints he had known in the past.

On Lord’s day night I had one more dinner with Gerhard’s family.  Here is a picture of Gerhard’s family.  It was an enjoyable time with them and they were very welcoming for future visit.

Gerhard’s family

In the picture is Philip, their second son and Emily, their third child. Michael their oldest son is a lawyer and is working in another town. Their youngest son Daniel is currently in Australia.

Berlin Report (4)

November 11, 2016

Dear saints,

A few Fridays ago, we met with a group of 5 Farsi speaking brothers in a restaurant near to the temporary refugee housing where they live. Now, we do not meet these new believers where they live because that could subject them to persecution from the Muslims living in these housing projects. Since this was the first time some of us met these believers, we began with some general introductions. One of the brothers was newly baptized and he had a dynamic salvation. He testified that before his salvation, he was full of anger and never could smile, but now he is full of joy. These believers are very serious and hungry to know the truth. Every time we meet with them they ask many questions. For instance, they wanted to know about the goal of God’s purpose and the preparation of the Bride. They also asked concerning the Triune God and how to illustrate the Triune God. One of these brothers who is an electrical engineer used the illustration of electricity to explain God to his friend. We confirmed to him that in the Bible, God is likened to electricity (Matt. 24:27), but that in order to reach man and be received and enjoyed by man, God had to go through the process of incarnation, death and resurrection. We explained that God is uniquely one, but He is three in His economy to dispense Himself into man. We were burdened to get into the book, Economy of God, with them, but we ran out of time. However, we did our best to direct all the questions and fellowship back to God’s economy.

From our contact with these Farsi speaking believers, we can realize that they hate religion, but love the truth and they actively spread their faith in Jesus Christ and the truth they know to others. One of the reasons they ask so many questions is that these are questions they are asked as they speak to others about the Lord. They tell us that they have many more friends that they would like to bring to meet with us. They love to meet with us and probably would like to meet with us many times a week if they could. It takes about an hour by public transportation to travel from where they live to the meeting hall. Because of this, we are burdened to find a meeting place near to where they live. I located what appears to be an elementary school in that area and on Monday, we will go to the city hall for that district and check with the responsible person about renting a room for this purpose.

There is another cluster of Farsi speaking believers we are in contact with who live in another refugee housing project which is also very far from the meeting hall. We would eventually also like to find a place there to meet with them.

We also need to pray desperately for their housing situation. Most of them have permission from the government to get their own housing, but it is extremely difficult for them to find housing. One major reason is that the locals are not willing to rent to the refugees. In the past 9 months, of the refugees we have saved and are in contact with, only about 3 have gotten their own apartments. In the mean time, they have to live in these temporary housing projects where the living conditions are very unpleasant. This is psychologically very depressing to them. If they can get their own apartments, they would be more than happy to have meetings in their homes.

Also, now these believers are under much anxiety because they must go through lengthy interviews for asylum. These interviews last for several hours and they ask them all kinds of questions about Christianity, the Bible, why they became Christian, what would happen to them if they were sent back, etc. It is difficult for the ones from Iran to receive asylum because unlike Syria, there is no war in Iran, and publicly, the Iranian government says they welcome all the Iranians to return. However, once they return, many are secretly put into prison or hanged, especially if they are discovered to be Christian.

Please pray:

  • For the continued shepherding of these new ones.
  • For the finding of a proper meeting place close to where they live, a meeting place where they can be cherished and nourished and where they can bring their friends to hear the gospel.
  • For their passing through these interviews and that they can receive asylum status to stay in Germany and be built into the church life here.
  • For their being able to find proper accommodations here in Berlin for the church life.