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UC Berkeley Student Visit

Here is the UC Berkeley schedule while they are in Sacramento. Please pray for the Berkeley students and for our students who are coming back from their spring break to present themselves for the blending. May the Lord bless this weekend!

Saturday, 3/23
4PM Old Sac Scavenger Hunt
6:30PM Dinner in hospitality

Lord’s Day, 3/24
Breakfast in hospitality
10AM Lord’s Table
2PM Kayaking and park activities at the Sac State Aquatic Center (Lake Natoma)
6:30PM Potluck Dinner and blending meeting at the hall*

Monday, 3/25
9AM Breakfast at the hall**
10:30AM Berkeley Departs

*Orange chicken and chow mein will be catered, but we will need many other main dishes, sides, veggies/salads, desserts, and drinks. A few students are allergic to peanuts, seafood, and eggplant.
**We need volunteers to prepare breakfast.

Please text David Chen at (510)284-7306 or Justin Lim at (360)624-5402 for any questions and to volunteer for breakfast prep.

College Breakfast Fundraiser – Saturday, February 23rd

Dear saints,

The Sacramento State students in the Christian Students club would like to invite all the saints to a Breakfast Fundraiser on Saturday, February 23rd at 9am. The goal of this event is to raise funds for the college conference, national summer college training, and other events.

The college conference (March 1-3) is $125 and the national college training in Champaign Urbana will cost upwards of $900. Historically, these conferences and trainings are pivotal times in which many students touch their spirits for the first time, see a vision of God’s economy, and consecrate themselves to the Lord. Praise the Lord, that we can send the students by our prayer and especially by our practical giving.

Here’s a video of our previous breakfast fundraiser last year.
2018 Fundraiser

Hope to see you there!
Christian Students at Sacramento State

2016 Fall Sacramento Campus Team Update #2

Dear saints,

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness as the rainbow revealed in Ezekiel 1. God’s holiness (red), glory (yellow) and righteousness (blue) once separated us from God, but now He is infusing Christ as this rainbow into us. Finally, at the end of the Bible there’s the New Jerusalem, and it looks like a rainbow! Thank you dear ones for your prayers for the college conference, the IPMM and the students. We are laboring together, the wheel within the wheel. As always, please feel free to forward this to other saints for prayer.
  • At the college conference (10/21-23), the Lord released a word regarding Christ as the Jubilee to set us free from this age of bondage and oppression. Once we are filled with Christ as the Jubilee, we can’t help but speak the good news. All the students from Sacramento spoke in the overflow times or when all the different campuses shared about the Lord’s move on their campuses. Some students and full-timers have picked up the burden to speak the Jubilee gospel on weekly at Sacramento State. What a joy it has been!

  • Following the college conference, we enjoyed a wonderful blending time in UC Davis for our first IPMM (Intercollegiate Praise and Ministry Meeting). Brother Gary Kaiser shared a faithful word about the vanity of human life and that at least once in their lives, every human being needs to turn to God and touch Him. People don’t choose life because they are used to being in death. Oh Lord we need a change! There were about 60 students and serving ones present at this meeting. Two Sac State students we met this semester went tothis event and thoroughly enjoyed their time.

  • A couple of us had the privilege to visit the trainees sent and related to Northern California who are currently in the Full-Time training in Anaheim. The trainees thanked the saints so much for their hefty and weighty care packages…they were truly supplied spirit, soul, and body. From the Central Valley, there are around 15! We met up with several of those trainees for fellowship. We also joined other NorCal brothers to convey the current situation and direction of all the churches in Northern California. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see and meet up with our fellow laboring priests.

  • On Veteran’s Day a group of about 15 from Sac State and Davis went to the Yolo Bypass wildlife refuge for a nature walk and then to the Davis arboretum for a picnic lunch and ultimate Frisbee. Three newer members of the club were able to join and get to meet everyone at a more human level. The Lord’s creation is so awesome!

Here are a few prayer burdens related to the team and the students:

1) Pray for the students who are studying for various midterms and preparing for the end of the semester. Many have jobs and other obligations this semester. Pray that they could be in the homes in the small group church life and be shepherded in an organic way.

2) Pray for the continued care for new students, many of whom are sisters. Our burden is that they would continue to meet with us through next semester. We are not looking for overnight results, but long-term labor and feeding.

3) The celebration meeting is coming up in about a month. Pray for full participation from all the students in this wonderful time of feasting and enjoying the portions of Christ we’ve enjoyed this semester!

4) Pray for the dear FTTA trainees to follow the perfect will of God as they are planning for their winter interims. Many are going on gospel trips in America and Europe, and some may be coming to Folsom and Chico for their gospel trip. Also, please pray for the handful of trainees who have the burden to return to Sacramento and join the fulltime team for a few weeks during their break.

2016 Fall College Conference at Alliance Redwoods

College Conf.

IPMM Meeting in Davis


Visiting FTTA Trainees

Trainee Visit

Veterans’ Day Outing at Davis

Veteran's Day Outing