Ways to contribute:

1)   Physically place your cash or check into the offering box, in person

2)   Have your bank send a bank-generated check by mail to the meeting hall (see address below.)

3)   Electronic fund transfer, using  Zelle   (many major banks have this service)

Send your electronic fund transfer to:

4)   Send your cash or check offering by mail to the address below.


Church in Sacramento
2041 Wyda Way
Sacramento, CA  95825


1)   Make sure your check is written out as:

“Pay to the order of Church in Sacramento”.

2)   Please remember to designate what your offering (or payment) is for, no matter how you contribute.

3)   Please include your name and email address if you desire an Acknowledgement of Contribution statement (for tax deductible contributions) after the end of each year.  This will not be necessary if we already have this information.

4)   If you have any questions, please contact us at:


The Accounting Service Brothers