Fall Events & Announcements

Fall Events

2021 Fall California & Vancouver YP Conferences
2021 Children’s Bible Camp (Part 2)


Week 6/6/2021-6/12/2021

HWMR -The Intrinsic and Organic Building Up
of the Church as the Body of Christ

– Message 2:The Intrinsic Growth of the Church
for Its Organic Increase

Reading Schedule for Life Study of Colossians
Messages 11,12

Pray for the Lord’s shepherding of the Mora family so they would turn to the Lord and the wounds would be healed

Recent Baptisms: Baptisms April 2021
Alpha House Project: Alpha House Clearing Project

District Contacts:
-Fair Oaks: Hugh Pforsich, Mike Baginski
-Carmichael: Sam Kong, Nat Kong
-Central: David Chen, Tim Kong
-Folsom: Eric Tran, Filipe Popovici
-Natomas: Chris Chang
-Spanish: Gera Alvarez
-Chinese North: Fountain Lee, Oliver Lu
-Chinese Central: Joseph Wang